Pitch deck internationalization

Recently, a dedicated group of volunteers launched the first version of a Drupal pitch deck. It features case studies of Drupal success stories from around the globe, grouped by use case. And slides about the benefits and key differentiators, to help decision makers answer the question “Why should we use Drupal?” It pulls from some of the content of the Drupal promo video presented at DrupalCon Seattle.

The goal is to have marketing materials that agencies can use to pitch Drupal. But I’ve also used materials from this deck to put together slides at Drupal events (picking out university case studies for a higher ed summit, and presenting the opening slides to kick off a Drupal summit).

International participation is part of the Drupal’s Values & Principles, and part of the success of this pitch deck project will be its use around the globe. To achieve that, we want to make as much of the material available in as many languages as possible. And that’s where we need help. Not just from volunteers who want to localize the material into different languages. But also from volunteers who want to set up a system that will allow us to create the translations. Our goal is to maintain the slide deck content in a sustainable way, that promotes contribution and permits translation into multiple languages.

We’ve put together some ideas for a system that would use a Drupal website to manage the versioned content and translations for the slides. Lingotek, a cloud-based translation services provider, has generously provided a free instance of their translation management tool to facilitate translation at scale by volunteers, and to generate slide decks on the front-end we are planning to explore existing frameworks like Reveal.js, together with Views. Here are some details of the proposal and a diagram of what this could look like.


translation process diagram

We (the pitch deck team: Paul Johnson, Suzanne Dergacheva, and Ricardo Amaro) are open to ideas about how to do this and what the architecture should be. We want to make sure that the solution is inclusive, accessible, and easy to maintain. We are also looking for volunteers to help implement this. The above plan would require Drupal site building and front-end development work. And, eventually, translations.

Here’s a link to the idea on Drupal.org. If you’re interested in getting involved, you can jump in and comment on the issue, reach out to us individually, or jump into the #promotedrupal channel on Drupal Slack or join our regular promote Drupal meetings.

Author: rachel_norfolk
Date Published from Author: Thu, 25 Jul 2019 16:05:11 +0000

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